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Progress To Date

Focus Area 7.0: Workforce and Talent


7. Workforce and Talent 

7.1 Connect and enhance Pearland’s talent pipeline through a collaborative approach

In May 2021, the PEDC Board approved an agreement to develop a workforce strategy for the community. The strategy, approved by the Pearland Prosperity Implementation Committee and PEDC Board of Directors in late 2021, addresses workforce skills gaps, career planning and work-based learning opportunities, diversity and inclusion, and development of young professionals. PEDC hired a workforce director to oversee implementation of the plan in April 2022.

PEDC’s workforce director has attended several introductory and follow up meetings and tours with businesses, workforce partners and educational partners. Businesses are being connected to educational and non-profit partners to keep the workforce training relevant and current. Alvin Community College (ACC) has created a 12-week certificate program in biotechnology to train new workers in response to employers’ need for a quick pipeline of entry-level trained biotech workers. The first cohort of 7 students graduated on November 28th and have completed interviews with Lonza. Work is also in progress with community colleges to develop better training programs for the CNC machinist industry and healthcare pathways.

WorkinPearland.com, a 24/7 virtual job board and workforce resource center, was launched in March 2023. It is a collaboration between PEDC and the Chamber to connect job seekers with employers and workforce resources in Pearland.

A workforce-based learning toolkit has been created and made accessible to employers and partners through info sessions, the WorkInPearland digital platform and the PEDC website.

PEDC is working with businesses to assist in rolling out on-the-job training programs and apprenticeships and working closely with the Pearland Chamber of Commerce on several initiatives impacting workforce needs of the community.


7.2 Leverage Pearland’s special diversity and promote a culture of inclusion in Pearland

PEDC has been working closely with the Pearland Chamber of Commerce to roll out Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training for the area business. The Chamber was connected to a prominent global culture strategist who hosted a training in November 2022 on inclusive leadership for area businesses.


7.3 Engage Pearland’s young professionals and emerging leaders

As part of the Workforce Strategy Action Plan, a guide has been developed to be used as a roadmap to develop the young and emerging leaders’ program. PEDC, in partnership with the Chamber, initiated an informational campaign to inform and recruit the initial Steering Committee for creating and launching the Pearland Young Professionals Program. The program launched in early 2023.