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Progress To Date

Focus Area 4.0: Corridors

4. Corridors

4.1 Implement the 288 Corridor Master Improvement Plan

PEDC, the City and other partners continue to implement improvements in the 288 Corridor Master Plan. PEDC has expended approximately $11.3 million of the estimated $22.4 million project. Plant procurement is ongoing and median improvements were completed in June 2020. Construction of the final phase began in January 2022 and is expected to be completed in 2023.


4.2 Implement the SH 35 Corridor Redevelopment Plan

PEDC continues to actively work on multiple projects in Catalyst #2 Business Park North and is planning for development in Catalyst #5 Business Park South. Rice Drier Road reconstruction was completed in 2020, and Halik Street reconstruction was completed in 2022.

The former gas station at the corner of Broadway/FM 518 and Main/State Highway 35 was redeveloped with PEDC assistance as a Scooter’s Coffee, a national coffee chain.

Sullivan Brothers is developing a unique housing development in the Old Town district that will redevelop a large portion of the area south of Broadway Street and east of Main Street and make it a more walkable, mixed-use district. The Developer and City entered into a Development Agreement to provide up to $4.5M for improving public roads, water, storm and sanitary lines, and streetscape within the site. The public infrastructure improvements are under construction and are expected to be complete in spring 2023.


 4.3 Develop the FM 518/Broadway Corridor Development Plan (SH 288 to SH 35)

The Broadway Corridor Development Plan was completed in May 2020 and PEDC and the City are working with TxDOT to provide input into their design process for the reconstruction of Broadway/FM 518 from Main to SH 288 in line with the plan’s recommendation.

In April 2022, TxDOT held a public meeting for the second phase of the project from Cullen to Main.

4.4 Beautify Pearland’s corridors and gateways

A gateway sign at Shadow Creek Parkway and FM 521 was completed in April 2022 and new entryways are planned along the 288 corridor.