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Plan Documents 


Strategic Plan

At the center of the Pearland Prosperity framework is one Community Goal that broadly identifies the desired outcomes of Pearland’s holistic economic development effort. These goals are:

“Pearland will be the community of choice for PEOPLE and BUSINESS in our region.”

These goals can be pursued through a number of strategic initiatives grouped into eleven, high-level Key Initiatives. Each initiative corresponds to an action, program, effort, or investment that can help move Pearland toward its desired future. The Key Initiatives provide organizational clarity and readily communicate to a wide variety of audiences the issues that Pearland will seek to address through collective action. These Key Initiatives are:

A. Places to Gather 
B. Old Town Revitalization
C. Infill and Redevelopment
D. Mobility and Infrastructure
E. Parks and Recreation
F. Cultural Arts
G. Business Development
H. Pearland Innovation Hub
I. Workforce Development
J. Site Development