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Progress To Date


The Pearland community continues to make progress on each of the key focus areas in the Pearland Prosperity Strategic Plan. Please see the individual pages under the Progress To Date section for updates on each initiative.

1.0 Business Development

2.0 Business Formation and Early-Stage Growth

3.0 Site Development

4.0 Corridors

5.0 Infrastructure and Mobility

6.0 Quality of Life and Quality of Place

7.0 Workforce and Talent

Pearland Prosperity represents what the community can do to achieve a more prosperous and successful future.  Fortunately, Pearland will not be starting from scratch. In recent years, partners in the community have made significant progress toward implementing Pearland 20/20.  By design, many ongoing efforts from Pearland 20/20 have been incorporated into Pearland Prosperity. Whenever possible, the plan seeks to build upon and leverage Pearland’s existing capacity to advance efforts related to holistic economic development. Beginning to activate Pearland Prosperity can therefore be likened to “jumping on a moving train.” But, consistent with the desires of the Steering Committee and many other stakeholders, Pearland Prosperity also recognizes that Pearland must take bold, proactive steps if it is to remain a community of choice going forward. Pursuing new and enhanced initiatives will necessitate new capacity and an updated approach to implementation in some instances.

Ultimately, Pearland Prosperity is an ambitious program of work that no one organization can single-handedly advance. Instead, implementation should be collaborative. As was the case with Pearland 20/20, a range of public, private, and nonprofit partners will be needed to support the implementation of Pearland Prosperity by dedicating time, personnel, resources, and other forms of support. While PEDC is coordinating the implementation of the plan, successful implementation of the strategy requires public and private partners to continue to work together while also forging new relationships.