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Plan Overview


Executive Summary


The City of Pearland has become a “community of choice” in Greater Houston by offering residents excellent schools, good access to job centers, and a high quality of life in one of the nation’s most racially and ethnically diverse communities. Leaders in Pearland understood, however, that they could not afford to rest on these laurels as the community matures and regional, national, and global competitive realities are rapidly evolving.

Accordingly, partners came together around a strategic planning process to update Pearland Prosperity, the community’s holistic economic development strategy adopted in early 2020. This signature program – spearheaded by the Pearland Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) in partnership with the City of Pearland, the Pearland Chamber of Commerce, and others – has been an important catalyst for the forward-thinking change.



The Pearland Prosperity Update process began with Phase 1: Research and Input. Activities included a review of existing plans and studies, new quantitative research, more than 20 one-on-one interviews with community leaders, a focus group with Pearland Young Professionals, and an online survey. Key findings from Phase 1 directly informed the second phase of the process: the development of the Pearland Prosperity Update strategic plan.


  • Economic development wins have diversified Pearland’s economy.
  • Pearland’s workforce and diverse talent base are key assets to support future growth.
  • Workforce development progress has created a platform for future success.
  • Supporting existing businesses and investing in development sites and infrastructure remain priorities.
  • New capacity to support entrepreneurs represents a significant opportunity.
  • Pearland offers a strong value proposition, but competition from nearby communities is increasing.
  • As Pearland matures as a community, development opportunities and needs are shifting.
  • Given the preceding two bullets, Pearland must take action to remain a “community of choice.”
  • Stakeholders agree that quality of place enhancements are a key factor in maintaining this status.


    “Pearland will be the community of choice for PEOPLE and BUSINESS in our region.”

    This Core Goal statement is consistent with stakeholders’ affinity for the “community of choice” concept and requests to “place people at the center” of the updated strategic framework.

    The Pearland Prosperity Strategic Plan was approved by the plan’s steering committee on January 10, 2024, the PEDC Board of Directors on January 18, 2024, the Pearland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors on January 26, 2024, and by City Council on February 12, 2024.