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Focus Area 2.0: Business Formation and Early-Stage Growth


2. Business Formation and Early-Stage Growth

2.1 Ensure that Pearland’s business climate and support services are optimized for enterprise formation and growth

In June 2021, the City, in partnership with PEDC, launched OpenCounter – an online interface for the zoning and permitting process. The platform leverages technology to improve the customer experience and assist businesses with a better understanding of the development rules in Pearland. There have been over 18,800 projects scoped since the software’s launch.

Community Development leads city efforts to expedite the permitting process. For example, since 2020, 1896 commercial plans, which include new construction, accessory structures, additions, alterations, tenant finishes, site work, and shell. 77% of permit applications were approved on the initial review or with one resubmission, and 89% were completed within two resubmissions.

Additionally, PEDC funded a study to determine if the City’s fire ISO rating could be improved from a Class rating of 2 to a 1. A lower ISO rating will help lower business insurance costs in the City. The City was notified in February 2022 that it met all the qualifications and an ISO rating of 1 was issued.

PEDC also previously launched a dedicated page on its website for small businesses with information on local resources.

2.2 Establish a hub for entrepreneurship to concentrate local services and connect to the regional ecosystem

In 2020, PEDC, along with the Pearland Prosperity Implementation Committee, launched a collaborative process with community partners to evaluate the feasibility of providing some type of hub for entrepreneurship and small business assistance in Pearland. In April 2021, the PEDC Board, after reviewing the proposed Hub’s business model and consulting with steering committee established to advise the feasibility study, along with the Pearland Prosperity Implementation Committee and Chamber Board of Directors, voted to move forward with the creation of the Entrepreneurship Hub. After an RFQ and negotiations process, The Cannon Workspace, LLC (The Cannon) was selected as the recommended vendor to implement the Hub in November 2021. In May 2022, the Pearland Innovation Hub was officially launched.

PEDC has also developed an operational policy between PEDC and the Pearland Innovation Hub Advisory Board. The initial Advisory Board has seven members and is currently working to form a non-profit corporation.

The PIH hosts monthly events targeted to the Pearland entrepreneurial community. The Hub has also set up criteria for coaches/mentors and has been qualifying potential coaches. In November 2022, the Hub held its first Pitch Competition. In 2023, the Hub held an Ideation Competition and a Micro-lending Fair.


2.3 Establish a revolving loan fund (RLF) to incentivize primary business formation and growth

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