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Pearland 20/20 Implementation Assessment

This Implementation Assessment offers a high-level evaluation of the implementation of Pearland 20/20. It is ultimately intended to help the Steering Committee and other stakeholders assess their progress and provide part of the foundation for the forthcoming development of a new holistic economic development strategic plan. Holistic economic development involves addressing a wide range of issues that impact a community’s competitiveness. At its core, however, the work is about carrying a number of specific efforts and programs and making investments that improve standards of living and quality of life for residents. In this regard, the overall implementation of Pearland 20/20 has been highly successful. The work carried out related to the plan’s nine strategies has helped improve the community’s competitiveness for talent, jobs, and investment. 

The specific accomplishments connected to the initiative are too numerous to list in this summary, but stakeholders contacted through the public input process highlighted several efforts that stand out. These include major successes in attracting jobs and investment to the community, activation of the Lower Kirby District as a destination for major employers, significant progress on highway and road expansions and extensions, laying groundwork for corridor improvements, gateway and corridor beautification efforts, upgrades to parks and trails, and the development of a new internal “brand DNA.” 

Stakeholders in Pearland should be proud of these and other accomplishments. In many ways, they have been part of the community’s broader effort to “catch up” to the rapid change that the community has experienced in recent decades. As discussed in the Community Assessment, Pearland has made significant investments in recent years to expand vital infrastructure and enhance core municipal services to accommodate a growing population. But with much of the basic “blocking and tackling” work completed or well underway, many stakeholders in Pearland have begun to ask, “What comes next?” 

Leaders in Pearland have come together to identify a new strategic vision to ensure that the community maintains its status as a prosperous and sustainable “destination of choice” in Greater Houston. Looking back to gain a full understanding of the successes, challenges, and “lessons learned” from the implementation of Pearland 20/20 will be vital to this effort.