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Focus Area 4.0: Corridors


4. Corridors

The bulk of the community’s available development and redevelopment sites suitable for commercial and/or industrial development are concentrated around three primary corridors: SH 288, FM 518/Broadway, and SH 35. Additionally, many of Pearland’s existing jobs are already clustered along these corridors. Pearland must invest in its key corridors to ensure that they are efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and well maintained in order to be attractive destinations for jobs and investment.

4.1 Implement the 288 Corridor Master Improvement Plan
4.2 Implement the SH 35 Corridor Redevelopment Plan
4.3 Develop the FM 518/Broadway Corridor Development Plan (SH 288 to SH 35)
4.4 Beautify Pearland’s corridors and gateways